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English101-(FINAL)MicrosoftVsApple-2 - Sam Lanzino Jenny...

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Sam Lanzino Jenny Smith English 101 Section 56 Apple Vs Microsoft Two men stand side by side in front of a undistinguished, white backdrop. “Hello I’m a Mac,” says the guy on the right, who is much younger, hipper, and dressed casual with jeans on. “And I’m a PC” says the guy on the left who is much more dorky, wearing glasses, and a suit. The men then talk and use analogies to convey a sense that Macs are better. These series of commercials are a part of an ad campaign that Apple has decide to launch against their competitor, Microsoft. As technology is continuously evolving everyday, they are the two companies that lead the technology industry on all fronts. Both of these companies also have an established website that millions of people view everyday. These websites follow the ideas and plans of their company. Equally they are comparable, but also distinctive in their own ways given that they are competitors. Microsoft uses its business like approach, and has supreme control of the operating system market targeting the consumer looking for a professional powerful product. While Apple on the other hand, uses their fashionable and very simplistic marketing to target the younger hipper generation looking for a stylish product. Apple does this while holding down the mp3 player market with their product the iPod. They get their message across to tons of viewers through their style, content, and the relationship to their products. The style of these websites is the first thing that stands out to anyone who is viewing them. Together both companies have very innovative homepages. Apple’s homepage is very simplistic and fashionable, just like their products. Everything on the
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site is centered in the middle. They have a huge abstract ad of a product across the middle of the site, with a menu on the top, and smaller ads on the bottom. The ad that they currently have running is for their new iPod shuffle, which is shown clipped to a pair of jeans in multiple colors. This is very effective advertising, because when a person goes to the apple website, they can see the newest product. Apple makes the ad trendy
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English101-(FINAL)MicrosoftVsApple-2 - Sam Lanzino Jenny...

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