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2 standardized test scores decreasing shelters and

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Unformatted text preview: B. The crime rates increased due to the increases in poverty. 1. 2. 14% increase in petty theft of property People pawning stolen property to pay for food and medicine Transition II. Satisfaction: Volunteer at least once a month A. Need for more canned goods. 1. 2. Continuous food drive in our residential halls Long-term volunteers to help organize and deliver food to those in need. B. Establish an after school program 1. 2. C. Transition III. Visualization: Helping will benefit us all. A. Children better served 1. 2. B. After school programs increasing standardized test scores Positive role models help decrease teenage crime rate College students serve as role models (Hensley, 2009) Find resources for the parents Homeless shelter needs students to work Enhance the ability of others to solve the problems 1. Freeing up the time of officials and service providers (AP Newswire, 2010) 2. Giving workers at the food pantry and shelters some much needed relief. C. D. Decrease crime rates (Peters, 2011) Volunteering makes us feel better. 1. 2. Transition Conclusion I. II. III. Wrap-Up Signal: Signal the beginning of the conclusion Restate Thesis: Volunteering Summary of Main Points: Why we all should volunteer, provided three easy things you can do to help out, and demonstrated some of the benefits of volunteering. IV. Audience Motivation: Do your part to get involved in the local community through volunteering. V. Concluding Device: You never know when you might need help one day. A. I encourage you all to volunteer in our community to help those in need. 1. 2. B. Paper with contact information Campus volunteering office information Personal Mood Resume Please do your part. References ***Include your references in APA format***...
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