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ANTH 326 - 10-19-07 - o Circular ceremonial buildings...

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ANTH 326 10/19/07 Early intermediate period Southcoast o Nasca o Paracas North Coast o Salinar o Gallinazo o Moche Antecednet to Huari/Wari: the HUARPA culture of the EIP in Ayacucho o Ca. 400-550 AD o Not spectacular culture o Only one major project Nawimpukyo (antecedent to Huari/War) o Capital site of Huarpa o Chieftum society o Average society compared to Moche o Extremely interesting Fairly dry valley; not rich by any means o Difficult to obtain water for researchers
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Unformatted text preview: o Circular ceremonial buildings identified (just like in Huari!) Architectural continuity o Huari arises out of antecedent culture of Huarpa Nawimpukyo! • Huarpa pottery o Motifs, scrolls around eyes HUARPA • No solution for the C14 contradiction with the relative chronology for Late Nasca phases, Huarpa, and early MG phases • Huari scholars…. IT’S A MESS!...
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