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cumulative_info_intro - 1-Sociological imagination manifest...

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If you have a make-up exam to do, this coming Friday is your last chance to do it. If you haven't taken a make-up and you have one to take, email [email protected] and get it set up for Friday afternoon. Your final exam is going to be cumulative. Here are the terms you need to know from each chapter in addition to the last 3 chapters that we cover in class. We will review these terms along with the others during your review session. Here are the terms that you can be studying from your notes earlier on in the semester.
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Unformatted text preview: 1-Sociological imagination manifest, latent, and dysfunctions 3- norms, values, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism 4-looking glass self involuntary and voluntary resocialization 5-ascribed and achieved status role Goffmans presentation of self 6-reference groups ingroups and outgroups group conformity 7-deviance tertiary deviance 8- absolute and relative poverty feminization of poverty 9-global stratification 10- prejudice, discrimination, stereotype 11- homophobia...
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cumulative_info_intro - 1-Sociological imagination manifest...

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