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Bio 120 Lecture 11: Species Interactions in Subalpine meadows oct22nd Theme: Glacier lily: morphological and ecological characteristics Environmental variables in correlational studies An explanation along with the data on rocks, lilies, gophers Zooming out the evolutionarily via the comparative method: loss of elaisomers Rock refuge hypothesis (ecologically) Regional differences in systems (biogeographically) Glacier Lily: similar to garden Tulips It grows without flowering for number of years, going through a long resource accumulation state Observation: flowering plants seemed to be most numerous where soil surface is very rocky Primary seeds dispersal distance experiment: Primary dispersal is around 23cm. Secondary dispersal: elaiosome have chemicals that are attracted by ants. -gradiflorum has no elaisomers; therefore, ants are not interested Seed Germination Experiment : buried organic soil has the best chance to survive Exposed organic soil, Bury graved soil, Exposed graved soil don’t work
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