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Unformatted text preview: ANTH 326 11/30/07 Inca city blocks were composed of kanchas inside Pucamarca o Buildings in squares o Very bad stench, poor sewage Inca pottery has been recovered in excavations in Pucamarca o Very exquisite shapes including tall, inverted-neck jar ARYBALUS Stone objects recovered in excavations in Pucamarca o Possible story for second the second story of a building Kusikancha: o Topa Inca Yupanqui was born here. It is between Pucamarca and Coricancha (Temple of the Sun) What remains of a great hall within Hatunkancha ("great enclosure") o Hatunrumiyoq street Rock of 12 angles o Inca Roca street o Other Inca compounds in Cuzco (names unknown) Coricancha ("golden enclosure"); referred to the golden sun o Temple of the Sun o Presumably a higher temple The Church of San Blas is believed to be built over the Inca Temple of Thunder (Inti Illapa) o (there were several other temples in the city) Canal with Inca Cuzco Water and Ritual o A natural spring from carved outcrop atop the city Created a terraced-canal from the natural spring to control water State agricultural terraced field separated imperial Cuzco from surround residential districts, which did not have fine masonry and were occupied by non-Incas Residential areas surround the city ...
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