ANTH 326 - 11-9-07 - ANTH 326 11/9/07 There's an...

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ANTH 326 11/9/07 There’s an unexplained gap of several centuries between Galindo and Chan Chan Chimu located in Moche Valley o Deep history in Moche Valley o Continuous cultural complexity o Major initial period occupation followed by moche in early intermediate period Chimu were arguably the most complex except for the o Have much better sense of who these people were o Also learn about ideology of Chimu o Chimor = Chimu empire o Ideology of extreme social equality that exists even in Chimu legends Tells us how hierarchal this society was o Chimu ideology is of elites and non-elites o Capac – ‘maximum’ – Catchawa Taycanamo legend: Chimu origin myth o Explicitly written: who was king at the time; Allows us to build a chronology Legend takes us back to 1100 Ads Galindo abandoned prior to this time however 10 kings = 10 ciudadelas o 1968 – mosely had major project in Moche Wanted to study whole occupation of moche valley 20 years after major project had been performed
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ANTH 326 - 11-9-07 - ANTH 326 11/9/07 There's an...

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