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ANTH 326 12/3/07 Exam due on Friday o matching FROM MOVIE: Huanuco Pampa o Administrative center o Contained colqas/qollqas – storage centers for freeze-dried food o Mita – labor tax/tribute/rotation Count number of men and women and how many days they worked for the state Determined which/how many people did what tasks (ex. Made wool, watched herds, build/maintain terraces, roads, etc.) Army was recruited this way -------------------------- From local chiefdom (or state) to empire o Heart was Cusco, later expanded along the coast o Pachacutec and the Chanca war o The Chanca War Pachacutec defeates Chancas, redeams o Huayna Capac (11 th ) the first historically remember Inca king) o The emperor wore the royal fringe that covered his eyes o Inca Emperor
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Unformatted text preview: His wife called a COYA How did the Incas do it in less than 100 years? o Can see real impact in 1438 (ballpark time) o Built/expanded quickly because: Carrot-and-stick diplomacy and mart alliances, including by marriage Brilliant political organization Efficient infrastructure for management of empire Clever assessment of location situations reciprocity writ large (ideological co-option) Strong economy based on agriculture and herding Respect for local community self-sufficiency and tolerance of cultural differences Never took away others land/flocks Just made them work the labor tribute Other cultures just had to also worship the SUN Asdfk;ljasdfkj;l...
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