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Client: City of Chicago Department of Tourism 1. Who is our Target? Parents of school age children who take their kids on a vacation during spring break. They are interested in a vacation destination that will keep their kids entertained, yet still offers activities for the adults to enjoy. 2. Where are we now in the mind of this person? The City of Chicago is not considered as a spring travel destination due to perceptions of the city’s climate change in the spring. In addition, there is little specific knowledge of the destinations within the city that would interest both kids and adults 3. Where is our competition in the mind of this person? By far, Florida is the preferred location for the target. The weather is seen as ideal for a variety of outdoor vacation experiences. The range of activities available offer something for everybody on the vacation. There are also plenty of hotels available. Finally, the appeal of Disney World and Sea World cannot be underestimated with this group. 4. Where would we like to be in the mind of this person?
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