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Reading Notes #2 - ANTH 499 Reading Notes#2 April 4 2007 I...

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ANTH 499 Reading Notes #2 April 4, 2007 I found the book Building Houses out of Chicken legs: Black Women, Food and Power to be largely, in part, about the stereotypes that are commonly connected with African Americans and their habits of involvement and consumption of chicken. There were a couple stereotypes that I found the most interesting, however. At some points the stereotype of African Americans and their love for chicken seemed to be more than just another stereotype stemmed from America’s past. The chicken almost seemed to be merged with the idea of blacks – being used in various images/literary works (mainly with negative connotations) – and going hand-in-hand with their everyday life. It seems that “the gospel bird” was rarely used in a positive manner with blacks but rather to constantly remind society of the African American stereotype and past experience with chicken – how women used to prepare chicken for whites and how the black men used to steal chicken and sell it for income.
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