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Reading Notes #4 - ANTH 499 Reading Notes#4 The opening of...

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ANTH 499 Reading Notes #4 April 18, 2007 The opening of the book A Carnivore’s Inquiry seemed rather strange and surprising – to start out with so much rambling and venting about history. The first indication of any sort of violence within Katherine was when Boris said that ‘jealousy is ugly’ and she thought of striking him in the face with an ax. I didn’t understand why such a small comment from him provoked such strong feelings/emotions from her that conjured up thoughts of violence. My immediate reaction was that she had a psychological disorder. Jealousy seemed to continue to rise in Katherine whenever Boris and Ann spoke together about her. It was obvious that their conversations concerned her, but she didn’t really have another outrageous thought as a result of her emotions. The first that cannibalism is even mentioned in the book is when she describes a painting by Goya of Saturn eating one of his children. The way that Katherine explained
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