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CECN 102W COURSE SYLLABUS SUMMER 2006 TEXT: Miller, ECONOMICS TODAY, Thirteenth edition, Pearson Addison Wesley, New York, 2006. GRADING: There will be five exams during the semester, including the final. The exams will be multiple choice. Eighty-five percent (85%) of your final grade will come from these exams with each exam counting seventeen percent (17%). Ten percent (10%) of your final grade will require you to maintain an Economic Portfolio. You will maintain this portfolio throughout the semester. It will consist of four sections: 1. Chapter Summaries (10) 2. Chapter quizzes (10) 3. Newspaper/online articles (14) You are required to do a chapter summary for each chapter covered in the course. The summary must be two pages in length. The summary must be sent to me in the digital drop box as designated in the weekly assignment schedule. You will be required to read and summarize two newspaper/online current event articles per week starting with the week of June 12. A copy of each article must
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