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Most recent update: Ingrid Splettstoesser, August 10, 6 pm [note tracked changes] AP/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems, FINAL EXAMINATION, August 10, 2011 Answer Guide Question 1 (MediHelp) A) In addition to helping doctors decide whether a patient needs MRI testing, provide two other advantages of the MediHelp expert system. (2 marks) Doctors can be more productive with the help of the ES, increase output Doctors can make higher quality decisions; ES can provide consistent advicee and reduce errors in not identifying MRI tests The ES can help to capture and share expertise within the hospital as well as outside to other healthcare providers The ES is more reliable; it does not become tired or bored, call in sick, or go on strike. For marginal or unusual patient cases, the ES can still work with incomplete or uncertain information The ES can be used to train other doctors Enhancement of decision making and problem solving capabilities ES integrates expert judgement into the medical diagnoses Decreases decision making time Reduces downtime, can assess more patients Source, Ch 11, Section 11.4, p. 322-323, Unit 9/Session 11 Overheads #22, plus tailored examples B) Provide two disadvantages of the MediHelp expert system. (2 marks) Development and use of such systems discourages the acquisition of extensive human knowledge Expensive to develop and maintain well-functioning systems Decisions may be incorrect, especially with incomplete data or at the edges of the expertise of the system Source, Ch 11, Section 11.4, p. 322-323, Unit 9/Session 11 Overheads #23, plus tailored examples C) Why do doctors and hospital managers need IT (information technology) support to help them make decisions? (2 marks) Number of alternatives to be considered is constantly increasing Most decisions must be made under time pressure Increased uncertainty in the decision environment Decisions are becoming more complex Need to rapidly access remote information, consult with experts, or conduct a group decision making session Source, Ch 11, Section 11.1, p. 307 (Session 11) 1
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D) For each of the three cost-benefit analysis methods below, describe the method and explain why (or why not) it would be suitable in assisting MidPrairie Regional Hospital in deciding how to acquire the software. (6 marks) Describe the following method of conducting a cost-benefit analysis Explain why (or why not) this method would be suitable in assisting MidPrairie Regional Hospital in deciding how to acquire the software Net Present Value (NPV) method: Converts future values of benefits to their present value equivalent by “discounting” them at the organization's cost of funds or at current interest rates. Used to compare the
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