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Benefits of being members of british empire o defense

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Unformatted text preview: en were a majority of the population o Land was cheap and labor was valuable o Quality of tobacco was important and it took the colonists a while to master it o The British taxed tobacco so they did not try to limit the production of it at all o When the tobacco market stabilized things were good for the land owners and they started to hold onto their land making it very difficult for indentured slaves to start their own farms in this region after freedom – many indentures moved away to places where they could start small farms and grow crops like wheat – caused landowners to import more real slaves from Africa o Malthusian Theory came into play because high mortality rates caused landowners to rely on indentured slaves (Advantage landowners) West Indies What colonies are in the region and when was each colony founded? o St. Christopher  ­ 1624 o Barbados  ­ 1627 o Nevis  ­ 1628 o Antigua – 1632 o Montserrat  ­ 1632 Summary o Sugar is the staple o High mortality (Malthusian Theory) o Many slaves working on large plantations o The market for sugar was very similar to the market for tobacco – supply increased but demand stayed the same causing prices to fall – led to Malthusian forces but eventually the market stabilized and increased steadily o Economies of scale o Greater number of slaves led to slave codes o Navigation Acts gave sugar planters a monopoly on sugar in England but did not allow them to do business with the Dutch o Sugar was enumerated o Many plantation owners went back to England and managed their property from there Lower South What colonies are in the region and when was each colony founded? o North Carolina – 1663  ­ royal o South Carolina – 1663  ­ royal o Georgia – 1732  ­ royal Summary o Staple was indigo and rice because the wetlands in this region were perfect for growing these crops Mid Atlantic What colonies are in the region and when was each colony founded? o New York – 1664  ­ royal o New Jersey – 1664  ­ royal o Pennsylvania – 1682 – proprietary o Delaware – 1635 – proprietary Summary o Staple was wheat, grains, meats, and other light manufactures because the soil was perfect for growing these crops Thomas’ Argument Basic concepts o Thomas’ main argument throughout the article that the economic burdens from the Navigation Acts were not enough for the colonists to revolt Graphical analysis of the burdens placed on colonial producers of enumerated goods and the benefits created by subsidies o See notebook for both Costs of being members of the British Empire o One of...
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