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The colonies received all of these things and the

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Unformatted text preview: e o Established the VOC or East Indian Trading Company where private people invest money and the company does the colonization o Staple product is fur o Want to trade with Native Americans so they set up a colony in New York called New Amsterdam British o Fourth to colonize o All early colonies were corporations like the Dutch o First three colonies were Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts Why did the colonist want to be granted charters by the king? The colonists wanted to be granted charters by the king so they could enjoy the rights that the Englishmen received and get protection from Spain and the Native Americans. Additionally, these charters acted as an early form of government for the colonists and basic form of property rights. The colonies received all of these things and the king received revenue from the money they were making off of the land. What was the difference between a corporate colony, a proprietary colony, and a royal colony? A corporate colony was a colony operated by a joint stock company or a corporation such as the Virginia Company. By the end of the colonial era only Connecticut and Rhode Island remained corporate. A proprietary colony was a colony owned by people who had received a royal charter from the king to own the land. By the end of the colonial era the only Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania remained proprietary. A royal colony was a colony that was under the direct control of the king of England. At the end of the colonial era all other eight colonies were royal. How did the charters set up governments and establish property rights in land in the colonies? The charters set up governments and property rights in the colonies because these charters represented a contract between the king and the corporation/proprietor giving the colony specific guidelines to follow on how to run the colony, who made what laws, by what processes, and under what limits. For example the charters stated that any laws they created could not break the laws already in place in England and that there had to be a certain number of meetings between the two sides multiple times throughout the year. What is the concept of land tenures? The way that land tenures works is the king starts out with a piece of land and he is the only person who will ever fully own that piece of land and nobody else can ever sell it without his permission. The king would then lend out his land to an earl in exchange for a periodic duty such as a military service, payment of money, or terms of some good or service. What is the...
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