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What are the main elements of the malthusian system

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Unformatted text preview: ll eventually run out of resources leading to mass starvation, poverty, and death. What we learned from this theory was there is a strict equilibrium between population and resources in the world. The Malthusian Theory never occurred in North American because there is so much land, which gave the American colonies the ability to go west and use the resources there. What are the main elements of the Malthusian system? The main elements of the Malthusian Theory are as follows: 1. The human population will continue to grow as long as there are resources to clothe, house, and feed this bigger population. 2. As the population continues to grow and people use all of the resources the income per capita will fall 3. When income falls far enough two possible things could happen: a. Preventive check – people will begin having fewer children b. Positive check – food shortage, disease, or war arise and death increase sharply Why did the Portuguese and Spanish dominate the New World for over a century? The Portuguese and Spanish dominated the New World because they were the first to explore the New World and take advantage of the resources they found. They were able to do this because they had large ships giving them military control and allowed them to bully other countries for a long time. Additionally, the Treaty of Tordesillas divided the newly discovered land outside of Europe between the Portuguese and the Spanish while other European countries were not involved in the deal at all. What was happening in Europe that made Spain such an important power? During this time in Europe three different marriages gave the Hapsburg family political control throughout Europe. For the first time ever, the Hapsburgs took control of Spain, Portugal, and all of the low countries and right when they did the Spanish discovered the New World and were in position to lead the establishment of all of North and South America if they wanted to because they now controlled Europe both in a political and military sense. Why did it take until 1600 for the British, French, and Dutch to establish permanent colonies in North America and the Caribbean? The reason it took so long for the British, French, and Dutch to establish permanent colonies is because up until 1600 Spain had complete military, political, and religious control of Europe. European Origins of Colonization Spanish o First to colonize o South America o Only want resources such as gold French o Second to colonize o Canada o Want to make friends with Native Americans so they can trade fur with them Dutch o Third to coloniz...
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