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Unformatted text preview: the entire east coast of America 2. Made Britain commit more to building their navy 3. Made British pass Navigation Acts to keep Dutch out Write about periods when British colonial policy exhibited what can be called “salutary neglect” and periods when the British were interested in more closely regulating and supervising the colonies. The British exhibited salutary neglect during their Civil War and Puritan Revolution because they needed to focus on internal affairs rather then what was going on over seas. The only contact they had with the colonies was the charters. Additionally, William and Mary were big supporters of salutary neglect and let he colonists do their own thing. The British closely regulated and supervised the colonies when James II took over the throne. Also when they made many of the colonies into royal colonies they took a more active role in what was going on. New England What colonies are in the region? When was each colony founded? o Massachusetts – 1620  ­ royal o Connecticut – 1635  ­ corporate o Rhode Island – 1636 – corporate o New Hampshire – 1623 – royal Summary o The New England region was similar to England in many ways as they both served as two of the biggest trading centers in the world mostly because they did not have to land for agriculture o Fish was the first thing that people in this area started to trade and led to many other opportunities o Population in NE grew steadily (Malthusian Theory) so people eventually migrated out of NE area Chesapeake (Upper South) What colonies are in the region and when was each colony founded? o Virginia – 1606 – royal o Maryland – 1634 – proprietary Summary o Tobacco was the staple product of this region – significantly shaped the economy (Staple Theory) – adopted institutions that made production more efficient and less costly o Planter dominated society o Diverse region because of unequal distribution of income  ­ not all colonists could afford to own large pieces of land that were needed to grow tobacco – led to high mortality rates due to bad living conditions of everyone except land owners o In early years tobacco supply rose steadily but demand stayed the same so the price of tobacco fell – led to high mortality rates due to people not making a lot of money o 75% of the immigrants coming to this region were male and most of them were indentured slaves – mostly male population led to low fertility rates o High mortality rates and low fertility rates meant that population had to sustain its numbers through immigration o High mortality rates were also attributed to the bad conditions the indentured slaves were living in – these m...
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