2pm CSR Project Scopes Fall 2012(1)

Students will be responsible for researching and

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Unformatted text preview: powers refugees by creating opportunities for them to use their knowledge and skills in helping their families and the Tucson community. This allows the refugees to better integrate into the community while gaining life skills. (www.iskashitaa.org) 4. Iskashitaa Fruit Gleaning Program Marketing Project Scope: Students will research and recommend marketing strategies for the Iskashitaa gleaning program (fruit harvesting) with the intent of increasing awareness and building new relationships in the Tucson community. Iskashitaa seeks to be known as the fruit gleaners in the Tucson area. Students will use past records to analyze trends and obtain information from current and past program participants. Students will be responsible for researching and recommending methods to educate and build new relationships through messaging. Students will also conduct target market research to better understand what areas of Tucson Iskashitaa sh...
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