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2pm CSR Project Scopes Fall 2012(1)

The entertainment will consist of both refugee and

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Unformatted text preview: will be responsible for coordinating with the Marshall foundation to secure the event venue, reserve and secure all booths and entertainment. The entertainment will consist of both refugee and non ­refugee musicians and entertainers. The targets for booth participants are: refugee crafters and philanthropic student organizations Phase 1 • Analyze past event successes and shortcomings • Reserve event venue and booths, tables, etc. • Plan all event logistics • Contacting booth participants and entertainers Phase 2 • Confirming all event logistical details • Securing booth participants and entertainers Final Deliverable Successful Event After CSR team selection and formation, students will receive the following information from the project manager. Students should analyze the information before the September 7th Kickoff meeting with ARC: • Access to all materials from past two Give Back Kick Back events • Contact...
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