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MECH 213 - 9.21.07

MECH 213 - 9.21.07 - MECH 213 First Law with an Open System...

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Unformatted text preview: MECH 213 September 21, 2007 First Law with an Open System o By convention, the normal vector will point out of the system In the room, as room as control volume, normal vector points into the hallway outside the door Must find the normal component of velocity for mass flow rate Vector dot product With two vectors v and n, vn = v*n*cos Viscosity stickyness of a liquid With a fluid in a pipe, realistic situation has a parabolic curve distribution o For our purposes, we will use the average velocity Mass flow = m-dot = avgVavgA = ((r)V(r)dA, r, 0, R) Vavg = (1/(Aavg)) 1R ((r)V(r)2rdr ...
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