ns 111 2nd hrly study guide spring 2011

Territorial ity refers to an environm ental interactio

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Unformatted text preview: tem is good evidence that 47) __e____ many more species should go extinct. most herbivores are generalists. the fate of ecosystems depends on random events. one species can substitute for another without consequence in an ecosystem. population regulation depends on finely tuned interactions of specific species. Increased resistance in bacteria after repeated exposure to antibiotics is due to: 48) __e____ increased biotic potential. reduced environmental resistance. speciation. artificial selection. natural selection. Which of the following characteri zes a climax communit y? 49) __c____ one in which natural selection and evolution have stopped. a community with the most kinds of species. one that will exist indefinitely barring change in habitat or climate. one developed by humans. one in which populations of all species are in balance with each other and their environment. Periodic fires can change the species make-up of forest communit ies primarily because: 50) __a____ fires are damaging to all forests. broad-leaf trees compete with pines and other conifers. the combustion of wood releases nutrients into the soil. tree species vary greatly in their tolerance to fire. fires are a natural part of the biosphere. Fire resistant species include 51) ___c___ desert weeds and broadleaf tree seedlings. desert weeds and grasses. grasses and pines. broadleaf tree seedlings. pines and broadleaf tree seedlings. Which of the following best describes a country's biological wealth? 52) __d___ the endangered species of plants and animals of that country. the country's animal life. the country's plant life. the species of living organisms of that country. the species recognized in the Red List as endangered. Which of the following does NOT illustrate aesthetic use of natural biota? 53) __d___ bird watching ecotourism collecting shells commercial fishing trophy hunting The region of the world where more living species live than any other place is the 54) __e____ temperate rain forest. grassland. deciduous forest. coral reefs. tropical rain forest. The greatest loss of biodiversi ty is caused by 55) __c____ hunting. competition with introduced species. habitat alteration. pollution. overgrazing by domestic animals. A species which is likely to become extinct in the near future unless efforts are made to save it is referred to as 56) _b____ umbrella. endangered. keystone. threatened. exotic. If unchecke d, the activity or event that will likely lead to the most extinction s (probably many thousands ) in the near future is 57) __e____ hunting. depletion of groundwater. damming of rivers and diversion of water. dredging and filling of wetlands. the burning and clearing of tropical forests for agriculture. A type of habitat alteration that involves breaking up large habitats into smaller ones is: 58) __c____ simplification. deforestation. fragmentation. intrusion. conversion. Which of the following impacts on wildlife is most directly caused by the economic activities of developed countries? 59) __b___ trade in products made from endangered species parts. global climate ch...
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