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ns 111 2nd hrly study guide spring 2011

The primary threat to extinction of animals today is

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Unformatted text preview: porting services public goods natural goods. biota. Which of the following is a goal of forest conservati on? 103) __c__ replace old growth forests with second growth forests. preserve the habitat in its original state. manage the harvest of trees based on the forest's ability to regenerate. keep the forest as an old growth ecosystem. prohibit logging but allow other non-consumptive uses. Which of the following best describes fisheries conservati on? 104) __b__ manage the harvest of all species caught. manage the harvest of commercially important species. maintain the biodiversity of marine ecosystems. prohibit fishing in certain areas. only harvest commercially important species. The tragedy of the commons is a result of 105) __d__ too many users of a resource. regulation which allows the benefits to be sustained. regulated access to common resoucrces. unregulated use of a common resource. private ownership. The harvesting of fruits and nuts in a rainforest to meet a family's food needs is an example of: 106) __b__ indirect value. consumptive use. tragedy of the commons. regulated use. productive use. Maximum sustainabl e yield refers to the number of: 107) __e__ trees which can be taken while sustaining an old growth forest. pairs of an animal which need to remain in an ecosystem. organisms taken which will destroy the ecosystem. maximum harvest. organisms which can be taken from an ecosystem while allowing the population to renew itself. The maximum number of any species that the ecosystem can support is the 108) __d__ growth factor. maximum sustainable yield. total allowable catch. carrying capacity. limiting factor. Which of the following best explains why common pool resource are often overexploi ted? 109) __d__ they are periodically closed to public use they are off limits to use by most people. they are owned everyone. all have access to them but without clear responsibility for their management. they are owned by more than one person. The primary reason for widesprea d deforestati on in developin g countries today is: 110) __d__ forest fire management. timber harvest. harvest of wildlife for food. clearing of land for pastures and agriculture. lumber for home construction. The removal of an entire stand of trees at one time is called: 111) __b__ sustainable management. clear-cutting. shelter-wood cutting. uneven aged management. selective cutting. A method of tree harvest that leaves some larger trees standing to provide seeds and shelter for young seedlings is: 112) __a__ shelter-wood cutting. clear-cutting. selective cutting. sustainable management. even-aged management. The goal of sustainabl e forestry is: 113) __d__ production of timber for a variety of uses. sustainable timber production. maximum sustainable yield. management of the forest as an ecosystem. maximum yield. Which of the following is true of the economic value of forests products in developin g countries? 114) __d__ certification programs prohibit their sale to developed countries. they are used primarily used for local consumptive...
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