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Unformatted text preview: o regenerate the forest 27) ____l___ ______ Capacity to replenish itself 28) _____h__ ______ Restoring damaged ecosystem s 29) ____a___ ______ A labeling system that certifies timber grown and harvested sustainabl y 30) _____j__ ______ The most biological ly productiv e terrestrial ecosystem s 31) ____n___ ______ An inclusive term for all living componen ts of an ecosystem 32) ___o____ ______ A resource owned by many 33) ____i___ ______ Tree harvest in which the entire stand is removed at once 34) ____e___ ______ Organizat ion accepting land for protection from developm ent 35) ____g___ ______ Tree harvest in which trees are selectivel y cut over a period of time 36) ____f___ ______ Goal of all interactio ns with natural ecosystem s 37) ____k___ ______ Protected forest lands with commerci ally valuable and sustainabl e nontimber harvests 38) ____h___ ______ Overuse and destructio n of unowned or shared resources 39) ____b___ ______ The act of maintaini ng ecosystem s in their natural state 40) ____m__ ______ MULTIP LE CHOICE . Choose the one alternativ e that best completes the statement or answers the question. Which of the following represents a typical example of ecological successio n in a temperate deciduous forest? 41) __c____ shrubs, grasses, deciduous trees, conifers, bare soil. deciduous trees, conifers, grasses, bare soil, shrubs. bare soil, grasses, shrubs, conifers, deciduous trees. grasses, conifers, shrubs, deciduous trees. shrubs, grasses, conifers, deciduous trees. Moss growing on bare rock gradually modifies the environm ent and makes it more conducive to later colonizers by: 42) ___e___ suppressing the growth of other plants. accumulating nutrients from the soil. accumulating and storing water. accumulating biomass through photosynthesis. accumulating soil by trapping mineral and other particles. The Earth's crust is made up of various moving segments or slabs of rock and earth called 43) __d___ faults. continents. land masses. tectonic plates. ridges. In ecology, successio n refers to 44) __d___ predator-prey relationships. survival of the fittest. balances of power. one species or group of species gradually being replaced by another. one generation followed by another over time. Territorial ity refers to an environm ental interactio n where members of one species 45) __b__ seeks to occupy new prime habitat by displacing members of a different species. defends habitat from encroachment by members of the same species. seeks to coexist in the same habitat with members of the same species. defends habitat from encroachment by members of a different species. seeks to coexist in the same habitat with members of a different species. The zebra mussel was introduce d into the Great Lakes by: 46) __b___ attempts to develop aquaculture. unintentional release from ship ballast water. warming of the oceans. migration from Europe. intentional release. The catastroph ic results that usually occur when an alien species is introduce d into a new ecosys...
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