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ns 111 2nd hrly study guide spring 2011

Grassland deciduous forest coral reefs tropical rain

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Unformatted text preview: ange. regulated hunting. pet and wildlife trade. ecotourism. The biggest factor undercutti ng conservati on of wildlife in the United States today is 60) __b___ poaching. habitat destruction. pollution. introduced species. unregulated hunting. A species whose populatio n is reduced to near critical level but is not on the brink of extinction is said to be 61) _c____ exotic. endangered. threatened. critical. non-invasive. An ecologica l effect of deer overpopul ation in rural and suburban areas and urban parks is: 62) __d___ hazards to human safety on highways. foraging of ornamental shrubs and flowers. death due to traffic accidents. overgrazing of the saplings of trees and other forest vegetation. foraging on cultivated crops. Extinction rates are 63) __b___ accelerating, probably because of alien species. accelerating because of rapid changes in the environment. declining as more species die. declining because of the Endangered Species Act. declining as species adapt to humans. A keystone species 64) __c___ is usually a large and conspicuous species in the community. has the largest population in an ecosystem. influences the survival of many other species in the community. will be replaced by other species if it becomes extinct. is the least likely species to become extinct. Which of the following is a goal of CITES, the Conventio n on Trade in Endanger ed Species? 65) __a___ to regulate and set limits on trade in endangered species and their parts. to prohibit use of endangered species habitat. to ban the sale of any endangered species or their parts. to develop recovery programs for endangered species in the U.S. to prohibit trade in endangered species and their parts. Chemical s extracted from the rosy periwinkl e, a plant endemic to the island of Madagasc ar, have been used 66) __c___ as a cold remedy. as a poison. to treat childhood leukemia and Hodgkin's disease. to make a potent tea. as anti-venom for snake bites. Why would the fragmenta tion of land lead to extinction ? 67) ___c__ The land is altered in such a way that all the trees are cut in half. Fragmentation should not harm populations. A population may fail to breed if it falls below a critical number. Some birds can't fly over roads. Old growth forests are cut down. In kelp forests, sea otters control the populatio n of sea urchins, who feed on kelp. In areas where sea otters have been extirpated , the kelp forests have been depleted as well. The sea otter is most likely a (n) ________ species. 68) ___d__ native. endangered. invasive. keystone. exotic. The status of the passenger pigeon is: 69) __d___ an endangered species. a keystone species an extinct species. a threatened species. an umbrella species Most game animals in the United States are killed by 70) __d___ hunters. earthquakes. storms. vehicles. poachers. A species introduce d into an area from somewher e else which competes and crowds out native species is called a: 71) __b___ keystone species. invasive species. threatened species. umbrella species. exotic...
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