ns 111 2nd hrly study guide spring 2011

Keep the forest as an old growth ecosystem prohibit

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Unformatted text preview: use. their main value is the extractive reserves of nuts, latex, and fruits. they are a major source of income and international trade. since forests are regrowing in developed countries, their value globally has declined. Which of the following would be an unsustain able use of forests? 115) __d__ reduced logging of unmanaged forests. managed plantations of trees for rubber, nuts, etc. managed plantations of trees for wood. clear cutting at short intervals to maximize yield. preservation as part of the national heritage and for ecotourism. A fishing quota set by regulatory agencies is called the 116) __a__ total allowable catch. limiting factor. carrying capacity. growth factor. maximum sustainable yield. Japan and Norway would like the IWC to set a quota for hunting ________ whales. 117) __e__ humpback. fin. all species of. blue. minke. A relatively new commerci al value of whales today is: 118) __b__ whale harvest for scientific study. ecotourism in the form of whalewatching. gourmet foods. whale oil. whale meat. What organizati on is responsibl e for the regulation of whaling? 119) __c__ National Marine Fisheries Service. Greenpeace. International Whaling Commission. World Wildlife Fund. United States Government. Which of the following is the cause of coral bleaching ? 120) __a__ warmer sea temperatures. collection of coral excess nutrients, especially phosphorus. pollution by bleach. overgrazing. Coral bleaching is a symptom of: 121) __d__ overgrazing. predation by sea stars. overfishing. the loss of symbiotic algae in the coral. excessive nutrient runoff. Cyanide may be used in coral reefs to 122) __b__ kill the algae in the coral. stun the fish before they are caught. kill the fish before they are caught. kill the coral. cyanide is not used at all in coral reefs. How does the shrimp aquacultu re industry destroy mangrove forests? 123) __c___ Shrimp are raised in the mangrove forests. The mangroves are the shrimp's natural habitat. Mangrove forests are cleared to create ponds for raising shrimp. Shrimp eat the mangrove trees. Shrimp are raised in coral reefs. Most of the publicly owned land in the United States is located in 124) __c__ the midwestern states. the central states. the western states and Alaska. Texas. New England. Which of the following best describes the intent of the U.S. Forest Service's multiple use policy? 125) __e__ encourage revenue producing extractive uses. allow many people to use the public forests. allow all possible uses of the forest simultaneously. favor existing extractive uses. balance extractive uses with nonextractive uses. Which of the following best describes the state of forests in the U.S. today? 126) __d__ both old growth and second growth forests are declining. old growth forests are increasing but second growth forests are declining. the amount of old growth and second growth forest is about the same. while few old growth forests remain, second growth forests are increasing. only second growth forest remains. The goals of "New Forestry" managem ent include 127) __...
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