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The fda does not allow the use of wild plants in the

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Unformatted text preview: es goes extinct. have been bred for uniform characteristics and lack genetic variation. Which of the following economic benefits of wildlife most depends on the maintenan ce of whole ecosystem s? 82) ___a___ ecotourism. development of new agricultural crops. wild animal and plant trade. pharmaceuticals. plant breeding. Which statement concernin g the Conventio n on Biological Diversity (The Biodiversi ty Treaty) is correct? 83) ___a__ it established guidelines on access to genetic resources and how profits will be allocated. it prohibits trade in endangered species. it has narrow support among the world's nations. it does not address the impact of invasive species on biodiversity. it concerns only the economic value of wild species. The effect of sport hunting on wild species in the United States today is 84) ___d__ becoming a serious problem as hunting increases. still a serious problem because game managers do not know enough. to reduce the amount of wildlife habitat. negligible because hunting is closely regulated. negligible because there is little desire to hunt. Because beavers build dams and thus alter aquatic habitats in ways that benefit many other species in their communit ies they are classified as: 85) ___d__ an endangered species. an invasive species. a critical species. a keystone species. a threatened species. The Peregrine falcon became endangere d due to 86) __b___ forest fragmentation. the effect of DDT and other pesticides on their reproduction. over hunting. competition with exotic species. destruction of their habitat. Which of the following best describes the state of North American songbirds today? 87) ___b_ most of them are on the endangered species list. their populations have been declining for several decades. they breed in the tropics. they became extinct due to DDT and other pesticides. they are all endangered. An essential part of any strategy to bring back species that are endangere d is: 88) ____a__ a recovery plan. identification of invasive species. reintroduction into suitable habitat. captive breeding in zoos. purchase of their habitat. Many species may benefit from the protection of large areas needed to provide habitat for large species such as elephants. In conservati on biology, these species are referred to as: 89) __b___ invasive species. umbrella species. exotic species. keystone species. threatened species. A species, individual , or ecosystem that humans agree has value with out practical usefulness is said to have 90) __d___ fragmented value. instrumental value. economic. intrinsic value. no value. A true measure of the state of biodiversi ty of a country or region would include: 91) __a___ both the existence of species and the state of their populations. how many species are threatened with extinction. whether the populations of wildlife are increasing or decreasing. the number of species in the country or region. how many species are still on the Endangered Species list. If logging of the giant Redwoods of the west coast of the United States was bann...
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