ns 111 2nd hrly study guide spring 2011

They are used primarily used for local consumptive use

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Unformatted text preview: a__ sustainability. concern for only those activities that affect the immediate area of logging. even-aged stand management. removing all debris from cut areas. more frequent harvests. Preservati on of old growth forests is accomplis hed by 128) __a__ not allowing any of the trees to be cut down. limiting logging to 1/4 of the forest. allowing logging in only 80 percent of the forest. limiting logging to a sustainable level. old growth forests cannot be preserved. Land protected through the activitities of the Nature Conserva ncy is an example of : 129) __a__ private land trust. common pool resource. regional park. public land trust. public good. Which of the following aspects of a forest best describes indirectuse value? 130) __b__ game production. flood control and moderation of the water cycle. timber production. birdwatching and photography. hiking and picnicking. Productiv e use of an ecosystem 131) __b__ is always accomplished with sustainability. refers to the exploitation of resources for economic gain. preserves an ecosystem's resources. is only done in developing countries. refers to the maintenance of an ecosystem for ecotourism. The maximum number of organisms which can be sustainabl y removed from an ecosystem is called the 132) ___d_ total allowable catch. limiting factor. carrying capacity. maximum sustainable yield. growth factor. According to the Maximum Sustained Yield model, a populatio n shows the most rapid growth when it is: 133) __b__ not harvested at all. about half the carrying capacity. twice the carrying capacity. above the carrying capacity. at the carrying capacity. Which of the following is a conseque nce of clearing forests for agricultur al purposes? 134) __c__ an increase in biodiversity. an increase in uptake of carbon dioxide by plants. a decrease in overall plant productivity. a decrease in water runoff. an increase in plant biomass and leaf litter. The decline of the prized species of fish on George's Bank off New England is due to 135) __c__ increase in "rough species" such as dogfish. pollution by heavy metals. unrestricted overfishing. a nutrient rich "dead zone". drift nets. Which of the following best describes the state of world fisheries today? 136) __a__ ocean harvest is stable but many species are overfished. ocean harvest is growing exponentially. aquaculture is growing and will replace declining ocean harvests. many species have not been fished to their full potential. maximum sustainable yield has proven to be an effective management tool. The Magnuso n Act of 1976 extended United States jurisdictio n to ________ miles offshore. 137) __c__ 100 miles. 30 miles. 200 miles. 1000 miles. 500 miles. Improvem ents in fishing technolog y over the past 50 years has impacted world fishing by 138) __e__ reduced the number of countries actively fishing the oceans. allowed fishermen to reduce their time at sea. allowing fishermen to spread out more on the fishing grounds. reduced the number of fi...
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