ns 111 2nd hrly study guide spring 2011

To develop recovery programs for endangered species in

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Unformatted text preview: species. A species of plant that provides nutritiona l and/or medicinal benefits for humanity would be referred to as having 72) __e___ species value. individual value. ecological value. intrinsic value. instrumental value. The collection of plants, animals, and microbes which constitute ecosystem s are referred to as the 73) __e___ biosphere. intrinsic value. biomass. biomes. biota. The biota of a country is sometime s described as its biological wealth. Which of the following best justifies this view of wildlife? 74) ___e___ native plants and animals can be exported. wildlife has aesthetic and recreational value. native plants are a source of new drugs. wildlife can support ecotourism. ecosystems support economic activity by supplying goods and services. Most of the extinction s of biota in the past 200 years occurred 75) __b___ in the United States. on oceanic islands. in desert regions of the world. in arctic and alpine regions. in Western Europe. Which of the following describes the role of wild plants in the U.S. pharmace utical industry? 76) __a___ wild plants are still a major source of prescription and non-prescription drugs. all modern pharmaceuticals are produced synthetically. the FDA does not allow the use of wild plants in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. only nonprescription herbal remedies are still derived from plants. plants are only used in the production of traditional herbal remedies. Which of the following is a value of wild populatio ns of plants to the improvem ent of agricultur al varieties? 77) __c___ wild populations can be harvested. they can be used to test new herbicides. wild populations can be a source of genetic variation. they may be a source of new medicines. wild species can be developed into new crops. Populatio ns of wild turkeys have recovered in many areas of the country primarily because of: 78) ___a___ habitat protection accompanied by limits on hunting. importing turkey from other countries and releasing them. listing in the Conservation Union's Red List. a national ban on hunting this species. protection under the Endangered Species Act. A major problem in preservin g prominent endangere d species such as the black rhino is 79) __b___ lack of preserves. economic value of poaching. sport hunting. lack of a law providing protection. lack of any effort to enforce the law. Revenue from the sale of hunting licenses and special sales taxes on hunting equipmen t benefit wildlife by: 80) __c___ limiting hunting to private property. making the public more aware of wildlife. providing funds for wildlife habitat protection and management. reducing hunting pressure on nongame species. providing funds for the administration of the Endangered Species Act. Cultivated plants originally developed for agricultur al purposes from wild populatio ns 81) __e___ can never compete with native plants. eliminate the need to protect the original wild species. have an exceedingly wide range of tolerance. are still secure even if the wild speci...
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