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ASVAB-Word-Knowledge ASVAB-Word-Knowledge Dumps ASVAB-Word-Knowledge Braindumps ASVAB-Word-Knowledge Real Questions ASVAB-Word-Knowledge Practice Test ASVAB-Word-Knowledge dumps free Military ASVAB Section 1 : Word Knowledge
Question: 310 Her motives were oblique. C
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Question: 311 Laudable most nearly means ___________. C
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Question: 312 The brass was burnished. D
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Question: 313 The actions of the CEO were unconscionable. A. clever B. illegal C. excessive D. automatic Answer:C
Question: 314
The sergeant gave his reasoned opinion. B
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Question: 315 The word most opposite in meaning to stimulate is __________. B
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Question: 316 Legacy most nearly means ___________. B
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Question: 317 flagrant most nearly means ___________.
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Unformatted text preview:D Question: 318 He tried to goad his audience. A. insult B. incite C. please D. bore Answer: B Question: 319 He ran headlong into the fight. A. headfirst B. reluctantly C. happily D. recklessly Answer: D Question: 320 The exchange student was proficient in french, German, and English. A. poor B. knowledgeable C. adept D. exacting Answer: C Question: 321 The students were scheduled to observe a plenary session of Congress. A. scheduled B. example C. special D. full Answer: D Question: 322 Theorize most nearly means __________. A. know B. speculate C. study D. travel Answer: B Question: 323 Symmetrical most nearly means __________. A. uplifted B. congruent C. handsome D. positive Answer: B Question: 324 The gold was kept in a secure vault. A. locked B. safe C. unknown D. thick Answer: B Question: 325 Assimilate most nearly means __________. A. absorb B. react C. pretend D. lie Answer: A For More exams visit http s :// /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!