ENGR 240 - 11.2.07

ENGR 240 - 11.2.07 - o at 6.7 wt% C Fe 3 C, iron carbide,...

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ENGR 240 – November 2, 2007 Three Phase Equilibrium o Eutectic Contains some liquid L α + β o Eutectoid Contains all solid γ α + β o Peritectic α + L β o Peritectoid α + γ β o Monotectic L α + L 2 o Monotectoid α 1 β + α 2 Iron-Carbon Systems o Steels and cast irons o Pure Fe At room temperature α iron, ferrite, BCC crystal structure 912°C-1394°C γ iron, austenite, FCC polymorphic transformation (change in crystal structure) 1394°C-1538°C δ iron, ferrite, BCC same as α iron except it exists at higher temperature
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Unformatted text preview: o at 6.7 wt% C Fe 3 C, iron carbide, cementite steels and cast irons have less than 6.7 wt% C • combination of Fe & Fe 3 C Fe 3 C is very hard and brittle • Can dramatically increase the strength of steels o Commercially pure Fe less than 0.008 wt% C o Steels 0.008 wt% C – 2.14 wt% C 1040 steel .4 wt% C Eutectoid Steel .76 wt% C o cast irons 2.14 wt% C – wt% C Ternary Phase Diagrams (Three) o Function of composition for one temperature (isotherm)...
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