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MATH 226 - 11.19.07 - o Assumptions: n1 and n2 are large,...

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MATH 226 – November 19, 2007 Hypothesis tests and Confidence Intervals about the difference of means X1 and C2 are random variables Mu1 = EX1, mu2 = EX2, sigma1^2 = varX1, sigma2^2 = varX2 N1 = sample size of X1 data, Xbar1 = sample mean of X1 N2 = sample size of X2 data, Xbar2 = sample mean of X2 Sample variances are s1^2 and s2^2 Hypothesis Test o H0: mu1 – mu2 = 0 o Ha: mu1 – mu2 (> ≠ <) 0
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Unformatted text preview: o Assumptions: n1 and n2 are large, x1 and x2 are independent o Var(x1bar x2bar) = var(x1bar) var(x2bar) = sigma1^2/n1 + sigma2^2/n2 = s1^2/n1 + s2^2/n2 o E(x1bar x2bar) = mu1 mu2 o [x1bar x2bar (mu1 mu2)]/sqrt(s1^2/n1 + s2^2/n2) standard normal test statistic o Confidence Interval x1bar x2bar...
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