HRM587 Communication Plan Grid for Week 6 Project Derek Amberson

HRM587 Communication Plan Grid for Week 6 Project Derek Amberson
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Derek Amberson Change Plan Grid Topic Frequency or timeline Stakeholders/Audience Purpose Communicator Message Author Delivery method measure 2011-2014 The Public Transition Team Press releases Customer Feedback Shareholders/ SEC Board of Directos CEO Shareholders Meeting Financial Reports Plant Management Transistion Teams Transistion teams Email/Teleconferance Trasistion feedback forms Employees/Staff Management Management Employee questions Transition from independent bottlers to agency bottlers, Coke and Pepsi public of the transition from independent bottles to the newly formed agency bottlers under Coke and Pepsi. CEO of both Coke an Pepsi We are proud to annouce the acquisition of these bottlers to streamline the manufacturuing process and to enusre that we provide the public with the highest quality product at the lowest cost. To inform the shareholders that there will be anaquisition and spending of large capital sums to aquire the independent bottlers This message is to inform you, the shareholders, that over the course of the next couple years we wil be aquiring controling interest in al our independent bottlers to increase sales while reducing manufacturing cost through single source manufacturing. Inform the management teams of the transistion materials. Different policies and procedures that wil need to be changed or incorperated to achieve the new requirements. Inform the employees and staff of the change and what to expect during and after the transition. This is to inform you that the independent
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