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MATH 226 - 8.27.2007 - Mathematical Model – an equation...

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MATH 226 – August 27, 2007 Data Collection Numerical - Non-numerical (categorical) Thickness of a stack of paper – Pages 353-609 = 128 pages Total thickness = 8 cm Thickness of a single piece = 62.5 μm Validity – make sure that the data expresses the property you want to know Plan – create a plan so that others can replicate your data and experiment Precision – how close a set of data is in relation to other data points. Accuracy – the data is closer to the accepted value of the data and the average is close to this value
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Unformatted text preview: Mathematical Model – an equation or a system of equations that relates two or more variables and or constants Mathematical Theory of Chance Events – also probability theory, the basis of statistics Response Variable(s) – the variable that we are primarily interested in measuring for values Supervised Variable(s) – a variable that you manage and control in the experiment Controlled Variable – a variable that remains constant Experimental variable – a variable that is set at different levels...
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