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Early and Middle Adulthood
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Early and Middle Adulthood Early and Middle Adulthood PSY/280 There are many changes that occur throughout one’s life time. I think the most difficult in one’s life can be the changes that come from transitioning from being a teenager to early adulthood to middle adulthood. The psychological changes, relationship changes and how to deal with day to day life as an adult and the responsibilities that come with being an adult can be very difficult to transition into. By the time a person reaches early adulthood, many milestones have already been reached. Logic, reasoning, identity and physical growth normally are in place by this time. However, as a person enters into young adulthood, the highly self-oriented development of the persons past years begin to minimize. A new focus begins to develop, like devoting oneself to another. According to Erikson this stage is called Intimacy vs. Isolation which can result, if the stage is successfully passed, in the way of truly loving others. According
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