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CHEM 201 – November 7, 2007 Structure of some ionic solids o Graphite – hexagonal rings in sheets (a-b-a-b arrangement) o Diamond – FCC, cubic CP o Fullerene – C 60 – soccer ball shaped, 12 pentagonal units, 20 hexagonal o SiO 2 – tetrahedral arrangement Ionic Solids o FCC – NaCl, KCl o CuCl – tetrahedron Basic repeating unit of a crystal
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Unformatted text preview: Calculating the number of atoms in the unit cell o Body in the center (1) o Body on the edge (1/4) o Body on the corner (1/8) Silver Metal CCP o Edge length (d) = 407pm o (4r) 2 = d 2 + d 2 o density (g/cm 3 ) = (# atoms in unit cell)(molar mass/N A )/(d 3 in cm)...
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