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rules b process oriented process focus on

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Unformatted text preview: procedures (“what?”) rules (b) Process-Oriented Process Focus on formulation (“why?”) formulation (“why?”) * Rules & procedures created as Rules response to societal problems Overview of the Law Overview (4) Characteristics of Legal Rules (4) Characteristics (a) Certain (stable, predictable) (stable, * Tend to modify, not reverse, rules modify not (b) Flexible (adaptable) (b) * Reflect values, beliefs, needs Reflect (c) Knowable (accessible) (accessible) (d) Reasonable (common sense, fair) Overview of the Law Overview (5) Classifications (5) Classifications (a) Subject Matter (a) * Torts, Contracts, etc. Torts, (b) Federal v. State (b) * U.S. Constitution: Two systems of gov’t. (c) Civil v. Criminal (c) Overview of the Law Overview CIVIL LAWS Focus: individuals & entities Focus: individuals Plaintiff sues Plaintiff CRIMINAL LAWS Focus: society Focus: society Government prosecutes Government Burden of Proof: Burden “Preponderance of the Preponderance Evidence” Evidence Burden of Proof: Burden “Beyond a Reasonable Beyond Doubt” Doubt Remedies: Compensatory (money) Compensatory Injunctive (court order) Injunctive Remedies: Punitive (fines, jail) Punitive Overview of the Law Overv...
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