Common law i statutory law enacted by legislature

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Unformatted text preview: iew (5) Classifications (d) Statutory Law v. Common Law (i) Statutory Law: Enacted by legislature Statutory legislature (ii) Common Law: Judge-made Common Judge-made Overview of the Law Overview Statutory Law: Legislators Legislators U.S. Congress enacts Federal statutes U.S. State lawmakers enact State statutes State “Reasonably definite and certain” terms terms (understandable and give notice) give Unconstitutionally vague (unenforceable) Unconstitutionally Overview of the Law Overview Common Law: Judges Common Judges Judges create legal rules (“Precedent” = previously decided cases) Precedent provides guidance: Precedent (1) follow (2) modify (3) reject/overturn Analyzing Court Cases Analyzing 1. Background Facts (what happened to 1. Background cause someone to sue?) cause 2. Procedural Facts (what did trial court decide and why?) decide 3. Issue(s) (question(s) to be reviewed and Issue(s) decided on appeal) decided 4. Decision (what did appellate court 4. Decision decide?) decide?) 5. Rati...
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