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S g other specified federal statutes personal

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Unformatted text preview: current Jurisdiction” – Exceptions: (a) Bankruptcy (b) Patents (b) (c) Federal crimes (d) Antitrust (d) (e) Admiralty (e) (f) Suits against U.S. (g) Other specified federal statutes Personal Jurisdiction Personal Due Process – Fairness & Substantial Justice Fairness Traditional Methods Traditional 1. Sue in D’s Home State (can serve D there) 2. Serve D in Forum State (where D is sued) 3. D Consents 3. a. Appearance (D files certain papers with court) b. Forum Selection Clause b. Personal Jurisdiction Personal Forum Selection Clause – Carnival Cruise Lines v. Shute Should suit be dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction? personal – Yes, forum selection clause is Yes, enforceable because it is reasonable enforceable reasonable Personal Jurisdiction Personal Carnival Cruise Lines v. Shute – Carnival avoids having to defend numerous Carnival lawsuits – Ticket prices stay low – Certainty ex ante (before the fact) Certainty ex – Shutes on notice (Carnival’s principal place of Shutes business in FLA) business Personal Jurisdiction Personal What if nonresident D is smart enough not What not to step foot in forum State and not to file not papers with court? papers – Alternate Method 1. “Long Arm” Statute – Contacts Contacts – Fairness & Substantial Justice Fairness Minimum Contacts Minimum Purposeful Availment Intentional, deliberate, affirmative conduct Intentional deliberate affirmative (random, fortuitous contacts not enough) (random, * Take advantage of business opportunities Take in forum - Distributor/Sales Agent in forum - Ads/Marketing aimed at forum - Negotiation...
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