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CHEM 201 - 10.29.07 - CHEM 201 Gay-Lussac's Law o PT P/T =...

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CHEM 201 – October 29, 2007 Gay-Lussac’s Law o P α T P/T = constant o P 1 /T 1 = P 2 /T 2 Finding a mass find “n” and convert with molar mass PV = nRT o n = 0.116 mol He x 4 g/mol = .464 g = .001 lb Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure o Total Pressure is the sum of all the individual pressures o All gases have the same volume and temperature P total = (RT/V)∑ i n i Concentration of components in a mixture of gases is usually expressed as a mol fraction, X, where X is the moles of a component divided by total moles o X = (moles of component)/(total moles) Graham’s Law o The rate of effusion of a gas is proportional to the square root of the mass
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