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CHEM 201 - 10.22.07

CHEM 201 - 10.22.07 - MOLECULAR ORBITAL o Additive...

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CHEM 201 – October 22, 2007 VSEPR o Valence Shell electron Pair Repulsion Theory gives us shapes of molecules based upon electron clouds repelling each other Valence Bond Theory o Bonds formed overlap of atomic orbitals or hybrid atomic orbitals Molecular Orbital Theory o Molecular orbitals are formed by combining atomic orbitals on different atoms ATOMIC ORBITAL Probability of finding the electron within a given region of space in an atom
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Unformatted text preview: MOLECULAR ORBITAL o Additive combination Combination of orbitals (σ)is lower in energy than two isolated 1s orbitals and is called a bonding molecular orbital o Subtractive Combination Combination of orbitals (σ*) is higher in energy than two isolated 1s orbitals and is called antibonding molecular orbital Nitrogen gas – diamagnetic Oxygen gas – paramagnetic Fluorine gas – diamagnetic...
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