The right part means a person preaching older brother

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Unformatted text preview: s/speak. circumference, around (to run a lap) to check, investigate means around. investigate by asking around (to check the meaning in the dictionary) to collect, gather (to concentrate) having attribute of, target Birds gather in a tree. (Friends gather.) (to collect stamps) (typically Japanese) (political) means white/conspicuous. The right part means set apart. something conspicuous and set apart target likeness (cultural) (global) (traditional) 1 to lose, miss (to fail) (to lose a job) (a man) loses (to lose money) (baton). kanji for repetition (various) (countries) (sometimes) (people) difficult means China. Since there is no water , waterless China. birds in trouble in waterless China. (easy) not, un- (prefix) (inconvenient) advantage (convenient) (wrongful) one and 3 d...
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