The end of the street and months final exam a

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Unformatted text preview: e. 2 weak (weakness) (weak) A combination of a doubling of bow (=bending) and delicate hair something bent easily as delicate hair (weak points) a combination of rice field boundary, area, world weak (strong) world (world trip) + come between (world famous person) a combination of stop + one (right answer) correct, right Stop at the line is to do the right thing. (to sit in formal Japanese style) (New Year) reason, significance a combination of rice field and derrick I There is a reason for a derrick in a field. (reason) (to be free) (freedom) to attach a combination of person and measure (receptionist) (to be careful) to keep someone's company) Source: Henshall, Kenneth G. A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters Boston: Tuttle Publishing, 1998. 3...
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