relationship evaluating the cost of each of the

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Unformatted text preview: tolerance.) (Relationship Evaluating the cost of each of the Evaluating alternative processes (Make vs. Buy) alternative Determining the sequence in which the Determining operations are to be performed and tooling requirements. (Taylor’s tool life equation) requirements. Documenting the process. Industrial Metal Processes Industrial There is a wide variety of processes available to the manufacturing engineer to transform materials into the desired size and shape. the Majority of the processes are for nonMajority metallic materials. Chapter 3 limits the discussion to those used for the production of metal parts. used Processes for Production of Metal Parts Processes Refining and alloying of the metal Refining – All metals generally begin with ore in its natural state – Tensile strength, Hardness, Impact resistance, Malleability, Tensile Fatigue resistance, Corrosion resistance Fatigue – Alloys are combination of two or more metals to obtain Alloys better properties better Casting Casting – Sand casting, die casting, gravity casting, centrifugal Sand casting,...
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