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CHEM 201 – September 3, 2007 Stoichiometry – of or relating to the mole-mass ratio Finding the mole-mass ratio o Look up atomic mass o Multiply by the number of times the element appears o Total o Example: Beryllium Chloride 1 Be = 9.01 amu 2 Cl = 35.45 x 2 = 70.90 amu 79.91 amu (Molecular Mass) = 79.91 g/mol (Molar Mass) Yield – amount of a product that is actually formed
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Unformatted text preview: Percent Yield = (Actual Yield/Theoretical Yield) x 100 Limiting Reagent what gets used up first Excess Reagent more than enough Solutions o Molarity mole/liter o Rubidium Hydroxide (195g) reacts with 100mL-0.3M Hydrobromic acid Limiting reactant...
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