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Physics Lecture 20 - B. Random 1. Universe is truly random...

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I. More Experimental Evidence A. Random stuff, don’t really know II. Context Rich Problem A. Concept Test 1 1. E ph = |ΔE| E ph = hf small f small ΔE B. Concept 2: ratio of energy is the same as ratio of frequency 1. E ph = hf f A : f B : f C (E 3 – E 2 ):(E 2 – E 1 ):(E 3 – E 1 ) 2E1:3E1:5E1 2:3:5 C. Quantum Dots: particle-in-a-box 1. LED – light emitting diode a. Can create white light when blue LED is covered with dots III. Determinism vs. randomness A. Deterministic 1. appears random but we just don’t know “hidden variables”
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Unformatted text preview: B. Random 1. Universe is truly random at fundamental level C. EPR Paradox 1. two particles fired in opposite directions with a total momentum equal to zero, the measurement of one will give p1 and the other must be –p1, but it was shown that it does not and that the universe is random D. Classical Correspondence 1. must recover classical proper limit IV. More Concept Tests & Examples A. See sheet with test info...
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