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reverse transcriptase t ac g z pool of nucleotides

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Unformatted text preview: ... Reverse Transcriptase T AC G Z Pool of nucleotides AZT base analog NUCLEUS * here I depict all 23 pairs of chromosomes as a single chromosome CD4+ Helper T-cell (Component of the immune system) U C U A U G A G A C U U A A G C ... AGAZ stop SO AZT poisons the reverse transcriptase process of RNA --> DNA Time Course of HIV Infection: AZT Treated Number CD4+ helper T cells 800-1000 1-3 years Pesticide Resistance: AIDS SYMPTOMS BEGIN Data from house flies in Illinois farms Lethal dose of DDT 50 Lethal dose when flies were naive to the pesticide Control 200 0 0 10 0 1940 Time in years 1-3 years Time 1951 AZT halts the disease progression for 1-3 years then it has little effect Antibiotics Resistance: How does HIV adapt to the human immune system? % drug re...
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