Article Three Summary

Article Three - Article Three Summary Nthlings U Wilkens L Murphy S Hankin J Henderson B Kolonel L Meat and Fat Intake as Risk Factors for

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Article Three Summary Nöthlings U, Wilkens L, Murphy S, Hankin J, Henderson B, Kolonel L. Meat and Fat Intake as Risk Factors for Pancreatic Cancer: The Multiethnic Cohort Study. Journal of the National Cancer Institute [serial online]. October 05, 2005;97(19):1458-1465. Available from: Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed October 6, 2007. Pancreatic cancer is the most fatal cancer in adults. The diagnosis and the treatment of the cancer are poor, so the key to pancreatic cancer is prevention. One of the risk factors that is associated with pancreatic cancer is the consumption of fat and meat, especially red meat. The method of cooking of the meat and the fat content of the meat are hypothesized as factors to contribute to the development of cancer. In this study, the researchers followed cohorts of people in Hawaii and Los Angeles and their self reported diet assessment. The group was divided into five ethnic groups and their death and medical histories were obtained. The key items of examination were the red meats (pork,
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