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Article Two Summary Bruce W, Wolever T, Giacca A. Mechanisms Linking Diet and Colorectal Cancer: The Possible Role of Insulin Resistance. [serial online]. 2000;37(1):19-26. Available from: Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed October 6, 2007. Risk factors for colon cancer are similar to those of insulin resistance. The risk factors include a diet of meat and high fat, and a low intake of grains, fruits and vegetables in the diet. Grains, fruits and vegetable prevent the development of tumors but the high fat diet exacerbates carcinogenesis. Increase insulin resistance is a sign for the possible development of diabetes two in the future. Using the Fischer 344 rat as the model system of humans, the researcher discovered conducted various experiments that tested the relationship between insulin resistance and the development of cancer. In two experiments, high fat diet was fed to the rats, insulin resistance occurred and followed by the development of cancer but a definite relationship cannot be established. Colonic cells
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