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Clinical Field Experience A: The High School English Language Arts Classroom Brandy Lightle Grand Canyon University SPD 580 11/18/2020
The High School English Language Arts Classroom Due to COVID-19 I made use of videos to complete this field experience assignment.I was able to observe in these videos a teacher in a self-contained classroom setting in which students participated in ELA (English Language Arts) instruction.Students in a self-contained setting usually is coping with ADD, ADHD, TMI or Autism Spectrum Disorder among other things.These students need flexible accommodations that fit their specific needs.These accommodations can include; augmentative communication devices, flexible seating or a graphic organizer.This is to help students meet their educational goals by tailoring their instruction to fit their need. These students are on an IEP (Individualize Education Plan), that lays out how a curriculum must be delivered to students and what resources each student will need.One strategy for students is the mini lesson technique.
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Unformatted text preview:This can help students use prior knowledge as their teacher models a reading strategy for students to practice with. It is important for educators to encourage independent reading. Let students read their book of choice, within their skill level, 30 minutes a day. After reading, ask questions of a students that will challenge them to support their answers with evidence from the material they have chosen. Forming small groups according to their abilities can help teachers form a personalize lesson plan tailored to their skill level. This also allows for peer to peer interaction where students read aloud to each other and provide feedback while motivating each other. Teachers can circulate around the room observing students to see who is making progress or what changes may need to be made. Some students may just need additional time or a more modified lesson plan to be successful. Teachers should never stop trying to learn about their students.