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Rob Russotti April 4, 2008 College Algebra Prof. Mucci Leonhard Euler There are many famous mathematicians, but when I was researching one person caught my eye. His name is Leonhard Euler. Euler is no longer alive; in fact he did a very long time ago. He wasn’t just a mathematician, he was also a physicist. He was born in Switzerland, and died in Russia. Leonhard Euler was born on April 15, 1707, and died September 7, 1783. His father was a pastor and his mother was a pastor’s daughter. He had two younger sisters. Euler’s family moved to a town called Riehen soon after his birth. Euler’s father was very good friends with at the time one of the most famous mathematicians. This man was named Johann Bernoulli . This man will have a very big impact on Euler in his later years. Euler went to school in the town he was born in, Basel. While he was attended school he was sent to live with his grandmother. This is where he spent most of his younger years. By the age thirteen Euler was ready to go to college, he went to the University of Basel. In 1723 he received his masters in philosophy. While he was doing this he was being tutored on Saturday afternoons by Johann Bernoulli. This is where Bernoulli found out how great Euler was at math. Euler wanted to become a pastor like his
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MATH ESSAy - Rob Russotti College Algebra Leonhard Euler...

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